Ultimately, the aim of any piece of writing is to get a message across. That’s as true for a company report as it is for a piece of poetry.

I can help you to get your message across, using a wide range of media, including:

  • • websites
  • • company reports, white papers, policy documents and case studies
  • • corporate brochures
  • • magazine articles
  • • press releases
  • • speeches
  • • letters

My job doesn’t begin and end by putting pen to paper (and yes, I write all my drafts by hand!). I begin any writing assignment by getting to know you and your organisation, and the background to your project.

This might involve a lot of reading and a lot of questions. It might equally involve undertaking interviews and research on your behalf, to gather the information I need.

Only then can I hope to get your message across clearly and effectively.

Every piece of copy requires a particular tone, style and emphasis, and I pay close attention to getting this right for you.

And it goes without saying that all the copy I provide is clearly written, and free from jargon, typos, and punctuation and grammatical errors.

If you need to commission someone for a writing project – large or small – why not get in touch? I’m always happy to have an informal, no-obligation chat.