I regularly work for the NHS on a freelance basis, providing writing and editing services. This often involves my being an integral part of a large team, and frequently requires me to absorb, and comprehend, a great deal of new information very quickly.

I have worked in several different areas, including Safeguarding, General Practice Nursing, Transformation of Nursing, Mental Health and Special Educational Needs.

My NHS assignments have included work on existing documents to update them and improve readability, as well as preparing documents from scratch. The latter has sometimes involved extensive telephone research, in order to compile the information needed.

I have also been involved in the preparation of delegate conference materials, and have attended a number of conferences in order to provide a detailed narrative report of the proceedings for later reference.

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Tania has worked with NHS Safeguarding for two years and has made a fabulous difference to our communication of this challenging area of work for the NHS and wider health and care partnership.

Tania quickly became part of our small team by listening – this is so important in the world of safeguarding and NHS transformation.

She is able to ask the right questions as a member of the public – this is critical if NHS Safeguarding is to create a social movement.

She is able to assimilate, distil and summarise copious amounts of technical jargon into key messages which speak to the unheard; the silent and members of the public who might be 'lived-experience', victims or survivors.

Tania is also able to understand the need for corpocracy and the need to influence system leaders across the NHS and health systems.

NHS Safeguarding is so proud and delighted to call Tania a colleague.

Kenny Gibson
National Head of Safeguarding
NHS England and NHS Improvement